TSG offers comprehensive reservoir engineering services, ranging from the conventional to the truly innovative, to aid clients in making decisions to increase recovery and economic value from their oil & gas producing assets. Specific types of studies include the following:

  • drilling & development program studies
  • detailed field studies for reservoir management
  • production performance studies (decline curves, p/z, etc)
  • reserves evaluations
  • enhanced oil recovery: feasibility, design, evaluation, & optimization
  • unitization studies, equity determinations & redeterminations
  • natural gas studies
  • gas deliverability & forecasting
  • wellhead & pipeline compression studies
  • underground gas storage studies
  • economic & feasibility analyses
  • uncertainty studies and risk analysis

The above is a partial list of the more common types of analyses undertaken by The Strickland Group. For more specifics about TSG capabilities or experience, contact Dr. Richard Strickland.