Reserves & Economics

The calculation of reserves and economics is critical to the buying, selling and financing of oil and gas assets, as well as an essential part of financial reporting requirements to the Securities Exchange Commission (U.S.) and similar government agencies elsewhere. TSG helps clients in all these diverse arenas.

TSG appraises reserves & economics using:

  • deterministic methods
  • probabilistic methods
  • SPE/WPC and various international reserve definitions

for the purposes of:

  • acquisition and divestiture of assets
  • obtaining project financing
  • financial reporting
  • estate & ad valorem taxes
  • negotiation & litigation (fair market value)

When a client does not require an independent calculation of reserves and economics, TSG engineers can provide audit services culminating in an audit letter opining on the reliability of the calculations. Contact Dr. Richard Strickland at (817) 338-0800 for more information about TSG reserve reports and audits.

Clients interested in the acquisition of properties may also be interested in a web-based application created by TSG personnel for the monitoring of production and profit from oil and gas partnerships. For more information on this proprietary system, contact Brad Nickle at (817) 338-0800.