Expert Opinions

At TSG, we strive to achieve the most accurate and most informed position possible. Combining experience gained in the real world with diligent analysis of the situation, we are able to arrive at confident and independent conclusions.

TSG personnel have provided expert services in cases before state regulatory bodies, state and federal courts, and courts in the United Kingdom as well as international arbitration tribunals. The smaller cases have involved hundreds of thousands of dollars, while the larger cases have exceeded $1 billion in claims.

Our experience in litigation has taught us how to effectively prepare reports, answer cross-examination and present testimony for maximum clarity. Experience on the stand combined with clear graphics make presentations accessible even to the uninitiated.

TSG has both the testifying expertise and the support structure to maximize the value of expert services. In fact, we often find that the other areas of expert services (litigation support, IT, graphics) are critical to our effectiveness.

For more information or for references, please contact Dr. Richard Strickland at (817) 338-0800.