Litigation Support Services

Due to the often complex and technical nature of the disputes, there is a lot more to providing expert services than just writing reports and testifying. 

TSG assists the legal team to truly understand the technical issues, evidence and positions taken by all parties so that the legal team can make better decisions and more effectively present the case. TSG provides clarifying technical expertise from before the time a case is filed, through discovery, expert reports, depositions, cross-examination, trials and even post-hearing briefs as required by the needs of the situation.

For example, TSG personnel have participated in the preparation of many discovery requests and interrogatories. TSG personnel have travelled all over the world to collect discovery documents, accompanied by all the technology necessary to maximize speed and effectiveness. TSG engineers also provide forensic analyses of arguments and calculations made by other experts in the case.

Many of our clients find that our other litigation support services, namely IT and Graphics, are also very valuable. Contact Dr. Richard Strickland at (817) 338-0800 for more information about any of our litigation support services.